positive negative smallConventional wisdom teaches us that judgement is a good thing. The various churches of the world have been peddling this as truth for millennia, selling the idea that self-righteousness is a ‘holy’ act. This is entirely based on the idea of ‘wrong’ and ‘right’, which even on the surface is incredibly subjective. Ask a Catholic what is right or wrong and you will get a vastly different answer from a Muslim, or a Buddhist. Even the various denominations of Christianity cannot agree with each other.

In reality, the act of judgement is actually increasing the strength of whatever is being judged, for the simple reason that you’re giving it energy. It is like trying to put out a bonfire with petrol – not only is it not going to work, but the fire will get bigger, and potentially explosive! Energy does not understand negatives; it is the same principle behind the old mental exercise, “Don’t think about pink elephants.” By trying not to think about pink elephants, what you are actually doing is thinking about pink elephants. In the same way, if you are judging something and thinking of it as ‘bad’, then all you are doing is directing energy at whatever you are judging. Since there’s no real difference between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ energy – it’s all just energy – whatever you send gets added to the pile and makes the judged thing stronger. This almost entirely explains why Humanity has been unable to purge itself of certain things that most people would deem unacceptable.

As with the elephant exercise, what actually works in this case is to focus on what you want instead. Give your energy to that which you want to create, rather than that which you want to be rid of. If someone says to you, “Don’t think about pink elephants,” think about a blue gorilla instead. If someone says, “Hey, the rainforests are all being cut down, that’s terrible,” then think about a world where the rainforests are protected and cared for. Judgement of the ‘bad’ is never helpful, but focusing on what we want to create in the world and giving that our energy is an entirely different story.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

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